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I just woke up, after only 4 hours sleep. Not ideal, but I couldn’t sleep last night. Usually I take Valium when I can’t sleep, but my sister selfishly ‘confiscated’ them after one bad night where I might of taken 7. Mind you, I’ve had Valium for over a year now. My first slip up, and sorry, but my dad had just died, and I was a bit on edge. Usually I think circumstances would dictate that I’m still in the wrong, and she was doing the right thing. However, she also ended up TAKING all of my Valium. So with that said. I’m not impressed. At all.

I’m tired, slightly angry. Didn’t help that I woke up to construction work… its New Years Eve!?! Why??? It’s pretty much a public holiday… and in the unwritten rules of social etiquette, this act of sleep brutality should be punishable.

Okay I’m over reacting… I tried to help soothe my problems with coffee… which I made after two attempts, the first time I made it realizing that I had forgotten to boil the water and had just poured cold water into a mug. Sleep. It’s important.

Funny thing about sleep, the dream part. I did a tarot card reading a week or two after finding out the news about my dad. The way tarot cards work is, you ask them a question, you place three cards in front of you after a good shuffle. The first card dictates your past, the second your present/path of guidance and then thirdly, your future/if you continue guidance. My third card was ‘Pay attention to your dreams’.How am I supposed to pay attention to my dreams if I can’t sleep? In all fairness, the card does underline the importance of going to sleep with out any out any outside influences AKA Alcohol… Valium… still. I like sleep.

I should mention that I believe in dreams forecasting life. Or maybe predicting is a better word, but sounds slightly mainstream and magical (which in my last post I totally denounced and don’t want to sound like a hypocrite).    …As my eyes glare up to the title of my blog. Wow. Sleep. Important.

I had very vivid dreams before my dad passed, and scarily, it had symbols in it that in hindsight were spot on. Which was creepy. But I’m not amazing at sleeping, it’s a life skill I was never good at and being in hospitality doesn’t help. I can’t sleep in once the sun comes up, the brightness is louder than the screech of an alarm – mainly because I have white curtains which if anyone was wondering, do not work. If the colour swatches of curtains were creative like nail polish colours, the shade of my window ornaments would be described as ‘oxymoron white’.

So when it comes to guidance, mainly of the spiritual type, I’ve become interested by Chinese astrology. First I confirmed its legitimacy with this years predictions. It was spot on… to play the game at home I used this site: https://senn.cocoloni.com/chinese-zodiac/

Unfortunately that site was only good for 2014 so I continued to google my way to le future. There were a few sites, I researched them all and only took the overlaps into consideration. Future looks… how I imagined. Apparently next year for me is going to be filled with nervous energy due to transitions and big upcoming changes. Who woulda’ thunk it?

…12 hours of the year left to go. The best way to sum up 2014… eye-opening in the most chaotically indescribable way, riddled with moments where preparation couldn’t help and the year where my floor turned to lava, my only choice being to  dip my feet in the scorching hot liquid and leave it to set into a pair of shoes in which I need to learn how to walk in among the suffocating conditions. That’s my prediction for 2015, the year I learn to walk on lava. And I will. I know I will.

That’s it from me, the craziness can be blamed on the construction workers.

I hope the happiest New Years for all, til next time x