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I really wanted to start the year with a positive post. But then again, I don’t really like this whole new year fresh start businesss anyway, so off to the glass half empty we go!

People. Why. Why does society have to be so overwhelmed by how they appear to others, about where they stand in the public rankings, about who sees them and where. Why can’t they just be happy surrounding themselves around loved ones, doing things that they enjoy? Why can’t people eat a meal anymore without taking a photo of it first and letting social media take the first bite? Why can’t someone simply be somewhere without needing to tag themselves?

Okay, so I am or was guilty of some of the above at some point. However last fortnight just before my dads funeral I decided to deactivate my Facebook until the 1st of January (today) because I couldn’t deal with peoples mundane first world problems. I couldn’t handle… and I do understand that what I’m about to say is in someway terrible, inconsiderate, cold and super apathetic… but that’s me right now. So sorry, not sorry… anyway… I couldn’t handle everyone being so upset for the 2 people that lost their lives during the Sydney siege. Not because I didn’t think it was a terrible thing, or that it was sad that two people had lost their lives. But because all of my friends were so #heartbroken about two people that they never met, so #upset for the grieving families and couldn’t imagine the #pain that they were going through… which is lovely of them… but in reality, they didn’t know them. They never met them, they weren’t a part of their lives and they wouldn’t of known who they were if it wasn’t for the circumstances. But they knew me, and they knew my family. The difference I suppose was my dads death wasn’t #trending or #trendy. Call me apathetic and cold-hearted all you want. Thinking back, I think I’ve already written a post on this and I’m repeating myself. But I need the rant. Because last night made it fresh in my mind.

Last night to me felt like the physical example of what I feel like social media represented. I don’t know how to word it. I ended up celebrating NYE over 2 venues which I was lucky enough to be given free tickets too. I knew people there, a lot of people, yet some of the people only seemed to feel comfortable talking and acknowledging me when they saw that I was talking to mutual friends. It’s a confusing observation, but I felt like it was if they were happy to join in because they saw other people doing it, waiting for the green light. Liking a status because they see everyone else does and they can comfortably ‘agree’ that they like it too. As if all social interactions are a communal decision these days?

At one point, I was in one of the VIP areas/booths. A little roped off section with some chairs, a couch, and a table covered in bottles of vodka, champagne etc. with a waitress eager to pour at whatever you chose. Being from hospitality, I find the whole concept so stupid and pretentious. Anyway, I was there. With my best friend and her boyfriend. Another close friend then jumped in, and then one more. The latter how ever was one of the observations. Only seemed to want to talk to me when he saw all of his friends knew me, even though I’ve known him for years. Only seemed to want to talk to me when he saw I was in a booth. He then stayed behind the ropes in the area, whilst talking to his friends. Happy to separate himself from the people he came with, to put a rope between him and his friends because he saw that rope as a symbol. People. Why.

So I have Facebook now. I thought I missed it. I didn’t. I missed talking to some of my friends on messenger, but that’s about it. I thought I missed the social part of knowing things, being in the loop. But I don’t. Because life isn’t about collecting likes, building a virtual following, #trending. Because those likes don’t really translate in real life and neither do those ‘friends’. Because life is a rare and beautiful opportunity to love, laugh, feel, touch, smell, taste, hear – and I don’t want to waste it.

Live, love, laugh.

Happy new year x